About Us

“Keep IT simple”

After years of working in the IT industry all over the world, Richard Jones and Patchara Thongkul found themselves working on the tropical island paradise of Phuket, Thailand. It was here in a run-down shophouse in 2003 that their paths would cross and a partnership started to form.

Pixy StaffIn 2006 Pixy Asia Co., Ltd was established and choosing a select few clients the company started to grow. Until today the same philosophy of “keep IT simple” has helped Pixy provide & deliver tailored solutions to both local and international clients.

“We love it when a plan comes together”

We know what we’re good at and we know the limits of what’s possible. Over the years we’ve built-up a lot of trust with all our clients and we value this above all else. Along with our attention to the smallest detail, we consider this our best asset and in todays competitive market we feel these qualities are what sets us apart.

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